Modules & Features

Taqreri has several modules, every aspect of your business is covered

Sales & Marketing

Create customised invoices to represent your brand

Use a Taqreri invoice template or create a custom invoice to represent your brand. Tailor your company logo, colors, add VAT, payment details and more in seconds. Preview an invoice sample that shows you exactly what your customers see.

Custom Discounts & Taxes

While creating invoices, VAT, discounts and trade offers can be automatically applied and you will be able to keep track of how much you have earned.

User-freindly Point of Sale (POS)

When using Taqreri POS there is no need to install specific hardware for printing or barocde scanning, you can scan barcodes with any barcode reader and can also print on generic POS printer. Taqreri POS manages inventory and warehouses automatically.

Simple and Easy

Taqreri Marketing module allows you to manage all your leads. Manage email marketing campagins, monitor and post to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube from single form.

Purchase & Inventory

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of products availability in your warehouse and check your stock expiry with stock status report and product inqiry forms.

Create separate prices for your stock items with custom barcodes and print labels, which can helps you in adding bulk products to inventory, especially usefull for depratmental stores amd retailers.


Warehouse constitutes the building or place where the items are stocked. You can easily set up multiple warehouses and create smooth and transparent moves between the warehouses. You can also sell items from multiple wherehouses as single business.


Manage all your suppliers in one place. Several reports, including suppliers balances and ledgers, provide quick information, so you can pay bills and order stock in few clicks

Production or manufacturing

if you are running kitchen in your restaurant or a large manufacturing concern, Taqreri, allows to you manage operations of procuring goods, processing it and finally selling it.

Finance & Accounting

Accouting Standards

Taqreri is built on standards like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and automatically generates all mandatory accounting reoprts i.e. Profit & loss statement, Balance Sheet etc.

Chart of Accounts

To organize your income, expenses, assets and liabilites, Taqreri has all the required accounts setup for you. However, you can change them and add new ones if needed. These accounts also allows quick access to ledger reports right from the chart of accounts.

Expenses and incomes

Taqreri allows to record your payments and receipts. You can classify your transactions for different business segments. The design is simple and practicle.

Depsoits and withdrawal

Taqreri allowes you to record transaction for withdrawals and deposits. You can transfer funds from one account to another. You can also access your banking ledgers and reports from one place.

HR & Procurement

Generate salaries just on one click

Speed up every pay run and ensure accuracy. You can configure rule based payroll components. With Taqreri leave, attendance, overtime and loan deductions are calculated automatically.

Track and Report Attendance Online!

The easy way to track time and attendance, schedule staff, manage leave, export timesheets to payroll with a click, and stay compliant easily. You will have a variety of reports at your fingertips.

Recruiting module helps you hire the best employee on your own

This module is created to assist companies in managing applicants and processing new jobs. Job posting and publishing with dynamic documents collection.

Fair and consistent evaluation

Guide your hiring teams through fair and objective evaluations so you can mitigate bias and move the best candidates forward. Interview Assessments helps you hire the right candidates fairly and impartially. With custom tests creation, gauge the aptitude of your candidate pool and interview the candidates best fit for the role.


Increase your lead-to-deal conversion rates

Bring in quality leads, nurture them, and turn them into happy, paying customers. Get a complete view of all customer data, all communication you have had with them, and more — all in a single place.

Track important sales and marketing opportunities

Get a 360 degree view of everything related to a particular opportunity. See every interaction, activity, and stakeholder involved to make informed decisions. Using collaborative functionalities, help your team operate more efficiently and streamline their sales process.

Entertain your customers remotely

Empowers your customers with online portals where they can view your products and services, place orders, and update their own contact information.

Keep a digital diary of your business

The activity and notes area helps you keep track of all the interactions with your customers. Activities module is split up into Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules. You can add a phone call, task, email, or appointment activity to a record

Project Management

Manage your teams in multiple workspaces

Taqreri allows you to setup multiple workspaces within a company. Each team can have their own goals and progress.


Assign tasks to users, set work hours, and track them as they are finished.You can further break down complicated tasks to subtasks, and record the time spent on each task with timesheets or timers.


The Kanban board helps you organize all your tasks as cards in different columns. These columns are based on different task critieria such as percentage completion or priority. Simply drag and drop tasks between columns to update its status quickly.

Do more with Chat

Discussions enable real-time collaboration amongst project members to share ideas, collect feedback, and take meaningful decisions.

Manage tasks with the Gantt chart

Interactive online Gantt chart maker for planning and controlling projects. Split your projects into groups of tasks, subtasks, and milestones. Organize and schedule tasks, set due dates, durations, and dependencies.

Rental Management

Multiple properties and units

Taqrer retnals allows you to manage multiple properties and buildings. Status reports of all units with a property or building is available to owners.

Contract with tenants.

Pre defined templates for tenancy contract are available. All available facilties are made part of the contract and billed accordingly.

Scheduled and manual invoices

All or specific tenants can be billed automatically through scheduled invoicing. Taqreri also allows issuing manual invoices if needed

Tenants and Owners

Taqreri provides multiple reports for owners, including property wise detail of units. Tenant history or payment reports are also avilable and can be sent through email to tenants on demand or as scheduled.

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